Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal

Current Issue - May 2007, Volume 1, Issue No. 1

Official Journal of Malaysian Orthopaedic Association and ASEAN Orthopaedic Association


Original Articles

Percutaneous Endoscopic Transforaminal Lumbar Discectomy - An Early Experience
CC Wong, WP Loke

Morsellized Allograft and Acetabular Reconstruction Cage: Follow-up of 2 to 9 years
AA Abbas, AM Merican, JA Mohamad

Bone Overgrowth after Fracture of the Femoral Shaft in Children
SM Yong, A Saw, S Sengupta, AM Bulgiba

Distal Femoral Locking Compression Plate Fixation in Distal Femoral Fractures: Early Results
EJ Yeap, AS Deepak

One-stage Versus Two-stage Reduction of Malunited Femoral Fracture with Shortening
AR Sulaiman, H Eskandar, WI Faisham

Five Year Follow-up of One Stage Bilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty
CC Tai, AA Abbas, M Varaprasad, SK Choon

A Study on the Absence of Palmaris Longus in a Multi-racial Population
SA Roohi, L Choon-Sian, A Shalimar, GH Tan, AS Naicker

Anterior Displacement of Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow in Children Based on Ultrasonography
H Shamsul, A Saw, G John

A 2-Year Demographic Study of Domestic Paediatric Hand Injuries Requiring Surgical Intervention in An Urban Hospital
A Shalimar, S Jamari, AR Abdul Halim, SA Roohi, AS Naicker, I Sharaf

Case Reports

Fibula Osteocutaneous Flap for Mandible Reconstruction after Ameloblastoma Resection: Amending Technique to Reduce Ischaemic Time
EK Chee, T Sara Ahmad, ES Ng

Pseudoaneurysm of External Iliac Artery Following Septic Loosening of Total Hip Arthroplasty
P Rengsen, AA Abbas, SK Choon, CC Tai

Kirschner Wire Migration to the Cervical Spine: A Complication of Clavicular Fixation in a Child
KK Tan, S Ibrahim

Panel of Reviewers