Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal

Current Issue - November 2007, Volume 1, Issue No. 2

Official Journal of Malaysian Orthopaedic Association and ASEAN Orthopaedic Association



Tissue Diagnosis for Musculoskeletal Tumours
A Saw

Guest Editorial

Team Approach for Diabetic Foot Problems
Aziz Nather, FRCS (Ed)

Original Articles

The Incidence of Malignant Infiltration in the Biopsy Tract of Osteosarcoma
R Mohana, WI Faisham, W Zulmi, AS Nawfar, O Effat, Salzihan MS

Normal Anterior Cruciate Ligament Laxity in the Malaysian Population
TZ Kamarul, A Razif, R Elina, M Azura, Chan KY

Case Reports

Bilateral Traumatic Hip Dislocation in a Child: A Case Report
S M Khoo

Case Report: Total Hip Replacement for Recurrent Histiocytosis X of the Pelvis Involving the Hip Joint
NN Wazir, T Ravindran, VV Mukundala, SK Choon

Saturday Morning Palsy: Closed Traumatic Peripheral Neuropathy
NN Wazir

Bilateral radial neck fractures A Case Report
ABY Ng, L Bayam, Y Cemal

Congenital Absence of the Posterior Arch of the Atlas A Strange but Benign Anomaly
EC Tan, HC Soon, M Kevin, BC Se To

A Palmar Lipoma with Median and Ulnar Nerve Compressive Symptoms
N Azwa, A Shalimar, S Jamari

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