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Current Issue - July 2018, Volume 12, Issue No. 2

Official Journal of Malaysian Orthopaedic Association and ASEAN Orthopaedic Association

Proposal for a Radiological Classification System for Carpo-Metacarpal Joint Dislocations with or without Fractures


Introduction: Though complex injuries like Carpo-Metacarpal (CMC) Joint dislocations represent only 1% of all hand injuries, they have disabling impact on the functional status of patient. There are no reports in the literature classifying disabling complex injuries like CMC joint dislocations presumably because of low incidence. We propose a new classification through retrospective analysis of patients, along with literature search.

Materials and Methods: A new classification system has been proposed and designed at our clinical unit and applied to eight patients with CMC joint dislocations. All patients were treated with open reduction with Kirschner wire fixation. At follow-up all these patients were analysed for radiographic assessments and functional scores.

Results: The proposed classification identifies three types of dislocations and an additional complex category to supplement any basic type. The direction of dislocation describes the types as Type A: Dorsal, Type B: Volar and Type C: Divergent. Among the eight patients in our study, we had two of Type A, two Type B, three Type B.1, one Type C.1. These patients had average follow-up of 18 months. The quick DASH score improved from 75.76 at 6 weeks to 1.9 at 18 months. We also did intra-observer and inter-observer reliability which scored 1.

Conclusion: Our proposal is a reproducible, simple, comprehensive and practical classification, easily remembered and communicated among colleagues. It is clinically relevant as it helps us in planning surgical management and prognostic evaluation.

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